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Dec 11, 2011 9:00am EST
to be back in the state of texas -- uh-oh. state of kansas. >> reporter: he was at no loss of words when asked to respond to republicans who said that he appeases american enemies. >> appeasement. >> appeasement strategy. >> ask osama bin laden and the 22 out of 30 top al qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether i engage in appeasement. >>> trending, newt up. he's peaking at just the right time. donald trump, he offers to host a debate and almost all of the candidates turn him down. rick perry down. another oops. who was that security justice? >> uh, not sotomayor. >> sotomayor. >> bachmann, up. the debate her best day since the ames straw poll. >> those hoping for gingrich to implode last night, sorely debated. christiane, he emerged unscathed. >> jon, thanks. we'll be back with us in a moment >>> right now, let's bring in the moderators of last night's debate. diane czar and george stephanopoulos. good to see you both of you this morning. diane, viewers were expecting a rumble, how do you think it stacked up in the fisticuffs. >> i think they came to engaged. as jon
Dec 18, 2011 9:00am EST
across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> and we want to show you the finished product. tell me what the gravy is? >> cabber anyway demi glob. >> we're going to take a look at that and take a look at lowell. >> i'm going to take a little bit of this. >> seven-day forecast. >> tomorrow looks good. 60 and sunny. tuesday night into wednesday we have chances to rain. then mid to lower 50's for thursday and friday. christmas eve, a chance of precipitation but i don't think it's going to be snow. >> you can go to row seta or order it through the or go to growlsmarket and order it there. >> nbc's "meet the press" is next. see you next time. >> given all the things we have seen in washington, it is refreshing to see a republican and democrat to put politics aside. maryland democratic
Dec 4, 2011 8:00am PST
gentleman from texas is recognized to yield time for someone who might actually want to debate the bill. >> mr. speaker, does whining come out of my time? >> vintage barney frank, one of most outspoken and distinctive members of congress. this week, congressman frank announced that this term, his 16th, will be his last. he's retiring after more than 30 years in the house of representatives. he joins me now to discuss the washington that he'll leave behind. thank you for joining me, congressman. just want to ask you, not just the washington you're leaving behind, the washington that you hope will get back to work. you have been a partisan for your team. but so many talk about you as a skilled negotiator. is that going to be possible over the next, let's say, 12 months until the election? >> well, ironically, it will be for the next 12 months, in general the problem is this, people sometimes forget, if you're in england, and they have an election, whoever gets the majority in the house of commons on wednesday is the prime minister on thursday. we have a very different kind of constitution
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)